Last Supper


The last supper of project Ephemeron and also the official afterparty of Bastl Instruments uvádí: Letní šílenství II. u Letohrádku. We have sad news for you, project Ephemeron was forced to be unwillingly shut down. The great news is that the last night of the whole project is going to happen with cooperation with the wider collective of Bastl Instruments. The whole night is going to start with the set of Sun Drugs, one of the members of label Nona Records, head of the Sky to Speak and one of the AVA people. You can expect after that live presentation of her upcoming album the veteran of Cejl – Její Vály. We are also going to present you a relatively fresh member Milo with his sticky set. The last set will be played by the resident of Herna – Hnát. As for the headline of the night, we are proudly presenting one of the current stars of Latvian scene, notorious techno viking Kodek.
Kodek – https://soundcloud.com/kodek
hnát the dj – https://soundcloud.com/hntjrslv
Milo – www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUvjiCF8VLU&t=13230s
Její Vály – https://soundcloud.com/jejivaly/piskoviste
Sun Drugs – https://soundcloud.com/eter_podcasts/eter-podcast-06-sun-drugs